Travel Reimbursement (PAX Members)

For Pi Alpha Xi – Iota Chapter Members only:

Iota Chapter members who meet specific requirements are able to request funds to travel to scientific meetings or conferences. Funds are administered by NC State University. B.S. and M.S. students may request up to $200 over the course of their program. Ph.D. students may request up to $300 over the course of their program. To qualify, students must volunteer at the plant sales and any other service projects and must attend the majority of meetings (see President for more details).

We also have a Travel Endowment Grant, this grant is another source of money for travel costs for our members (different from the travel funds mentioned above). This Travel Endowment Grant will have money available depending on funds donated/return on investments. Please contact the President or Advisors to find out if there are funds available through this.


Complete the form PAX Travel Advance Reimbursement Request after qualified expenses have been paid. Make sure to keep all receipts. After getting all required signatures, turn in the form to the Treasurer (Officer Page).

Complete the form PAX Travel Endowment Grant Request before or after your travel (must be traveling in the current year), form due to Advisors Elisabeth Meyer ( or Hsuan Chen ( by March 1st.