Plant Sale

Pi Alpha Xi Plant Sale in Honor of Dr. Frank Blazich 

Upcoming plant sale: Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 plant sale is almost here! Due to the unprecedented circumstances surround COVID-19, our spring plant sale will look a little different this year! Orders can be placed online at our square website starting 9 am Monday, March 15th and ending at 5:00 pm Friday, March 26th. Pick-up times will be available Friday, April 9th (8 am- 4pm), Saturday, April 10th (8 am- 4 pm) through Sunday, April 11th (10 am- 3:00 pm) through our square store website at checkout located here!

We will have a wide selection of great plants as always and look forward to your participation in this year’s plant sale!

Fall 2018

Each year, the Iota Chapter holds two plant sales, one in spring and one in fall. The proceeds from these sales are donated to local non-profit organizations to promote horticulture. If you are part of such an organization, please visit this page for more information.

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